Buy Commercial Land in The Best Places of West Bengal

There are various benefits if you buy Commercial Industrial Land in West Bengal near state highways and national highways like you can buy commercial property in Bombay Road as well. Buying an area will also help you build your dream home in this plot, open your own business or even keep it for later investment purpose. Here are some of the best lands that you can have an insight to in order to help you purchase the right kind of property.

 It is essential to buy land in the best places, and best corners of West Bengal and the best real estate company Howrah will provide you with the best areas in the city. Planning for a property is one of the most critical considerations for investment, and that is why you also will have the best real estate company in Kolkata helping you out while purchasing a commercial land in the best corners of West Bengal.


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#1 Buy cheap commercial land in NH2 or NH34

The National Highway 2 is one of the oldest and most reputed national highways in India, which links Kolkata to Delhi. You can buy land in Delhi road after much research and thoughts at an affordable price as well. The Commercial Land in NH-2/NH-2/NH-34is well connected to the rest of the cities with some of the best roads, scenic views, and beauties and you can definitely look forward to buying a land on the NH2 Highway.

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#2 Buy commercial Land on West BengalKolkata

If you are planning to buy an excellent piece of land where you would find the cheap Commercial Land for sale/rent in Kolkata, then you can try out the various plots of land that are available for sale. Buying a Commercial Land in Kolkata,West Bengal would help you to give access to the places nearby. At the same time, they are cheap, free from all kinds of disputes and ready to move in as well. The best real estate company West Bengal will help you buy a good plat of land in these places.

#3 Buy commercial land in Rajarhat

Rajarhat and New Town are one of the fastest growing places in West Bengal, and various people are searching for commercial plots of land in these areas as they are cheaper compared to commercial properties. Buy land in Rajarhat and lose yourself amidst the lush green and scenic beauties of the city. This property is your way to your dream home.You can also have access to the best savvy infrastructures. The lands are spread across a vast space and also divided into various phases. Visit the best real estate company Newtown for more details.

#4 Buy commercial Lands for sale Salt Lake

If you are planning to buy commercial land in Salt Lake, then you can choose from a number of different sizes plots. You can find a very, cheap land rate in Salt Lake, Sector 5 place and the best part is, these lands are completely undisputed and clear of any kind of legal complications. Unwind yourself after a long day from the stress and find yourself into the laps of nature in these commercial lands in Salt Lake

#5 Buy commercial Lands for sale Salt Lake

Have you ever thought of buying a Commercial Land in Bombay Road near Kolaghat, Ranihati or Uluberia or even near Santragachi? These are one of the most happening places, where there are a number of lands for sale Bombay Road. You can also find a number of Dhabas on the way and the road. This part of the state can easily be linked to the city as well with natural accessibility

#6 Buy commercial land in New Town

There are various Commercial plots of land available in Narkel Bagan New town area. These lands are featured properties in multiple real estate sites. Search from some of the best lands situated opposite techno India College, Ohio hospital, Tata Medical Centre, as well as Narayana School. You can get more information for the same from the best real estate company in Kolkata as well as various kinds of best real estate company Newtown

#7 Buy commercial land at Dhulagarh/Alampur

Though Dhulagarh/Alampur area was not as famous and in demand previously, Dhulagarh/Alampur is slowly gaining great popularity with its various commercial plots for sale. You can buy commercial land in Dhulagarh as you can find the cheap land rate in commercial land in Dhulagarh place and its surrounding areas as well. Commercial plots are available near the Dumdum cantonment for immediate sale.

#8 Buy cheap commercial land near Durgapur Expressway

Durgapur is now one of the most happening places in West Bengal with a number of upcoming malls, Cineplex and well known popular real estate projects. If you are planning to buy a commercial land in Durgapur Expressway, then you have definitely made the right choice. Lands in baguihati are no cheaper, and they are getting expensive day by day. You, however, need to search for a good commercial land.

#9 Buy commercial land near Burdwan Road

If you would like to buy commercial Land in Burdwan Road, you would find a number of commercial lands as per your budget. You can visit the best real estate company in Burdwan for getting details about the area, price per square feet, and various other details regarding the land and whether it has been given a clean cheat.

VIP Road is easily accessible from Kolkata as well as Rajarhat, and thus it is close to people who have their offices in Salt Lake and New Town.

#10 Buy commercial land at Jessore Road

Jessore Road is very near to the Airport, and thus, if you plan to buy land near Jessore Road, it would be difficult for you to search for a good land. The best real estate company is Salt lake is there to help you out. You can find a number of commercial plots of land, which are available within your budget if you actually search thoroughly. Visit the real estate companies for plot details, specifications, and location and pricing as well. You can also get a list of the upcoming lands for sale in Jessore road


Buying a land can be a tricky process, but then our experts will help you to invest your money in the right directions making sure that you get the full value for your money when you buy lands from us. If you are looking for more information then why don’t you call us today for a site visit, well we are available 24×7 for your help at 9830128830, or you can mail us all your requirements at If you would like to check out our land inventory, then click here for further details.

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